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  Car servicing checklist

Our Service
  1. Check exterior lights operation
  1. Check seat belts (excluding any child seats if fitted and report)
  1. Check wipers condition and operation
  1. Check condition an tension of fan / aux. belt (where visible)
  1. Check instrument panel for warning lights and report
  1. Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
  1. Check tyres size, condition, tread depth, and fitment included spare
  1. Check shock absorbers and spring condition (where visible)
  1. Check battery condition and report
  1. Check and adjust tyre pressure (including spare)
  1. Check condition of brake pads and shoes (where visible)
  1. Check condition of brake discs and drums (where visible)
  1. Check exhaust system
  1. Check any items reported by customer ( extra)
  1. Replace engine oil and engine oil filter
  1. Replace air filter (extra)
  1. Check coolant level and top up if required
  1. Check brake fluid level and top up if required
  1. Check anti-freeze strength MIN-20
  1. Check for pollen filter replacement interval and report if due according to mileage or age (extra)
  1. Report if spark plugs are due to be changed according to mileage or age (extra)
  1. Reset vehicle service light where applicable/subject to data and tooling availability (extra)


We can also take care of:

Our Service
  1. Batteries
  1. Brakes
  1. Bulbs
  1. Wipers
  1. Any other requirements please contact us!                                                                                              



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